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    Founded in 1999


    The bid winning advertisement was founded in 1999. For more than 20 years, the bid winning advertisement has been widely recognized in the industry and praised and favored by customers with its attitude of excellence and sincerity of pursuing excellence. The company was officially established in 2006. Since its establishment, we have been constantly seeking innovation in technology, including ultra thin light box, soft film light box, ceiling ceiling, UV printing, laser engraving, exhibition hall engineering, door advertising And acrylic handicraft production have reached the cutting-edge level of professional production.
    After years of exploration and hard work, the bid winning advertisement has opened branches in Luming Road, Liyang square, Huanghai Road, Ping'an Road, zhaoshang mall, Baima mall, Dayang small and medium-sized enterprise park and other places in Yancheng. The company's light box factory has also expanded from Yancheng area to Wuxi area. Now we have advanced equipment, broad service fields, high quality and low price products. We are confident that we can meet customers' requirements for modern advertising decoration. At the same time, we are determined to constantly update ourselves and ensure to provide cutting-edge services for customers.



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