This firm has the following technical equipments in-house

ERT (Electrical Resistivity Tomography Equipment)
  1. Multi function digital DC Electrical Resistivity & Induced Polarization meter
  2. Multiplex electrode converter (Multi electrode switching equipment)
  3. Multi core cable with each take out at every 5m (60 take outs in total)
  4. Digital DC Electrical Resistivity Meter – C unit
  5. Digital DC Electrical Resistivity Meter – M unit
Transient Electromagnetic Instrument
Other Equipments
  1. Survey Equipments
  2. Computer and accessories
  3. Water Level measuring equipments
  4. Global Positioning System (GPS)
  5. Electrical resistivity, Induced Polarization and Spontaneous
  6. Polarization bore hole logging equipments
  7. Down hole camera for well inspection. For video inspecting drill holes and tubewells.
Following equipments can be arranged from sister firms:
  1. Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  2. Seismic Survey equipments
  3. Geotech drilling equipments
  4. Water well drilling equipments
  5. Soil Lab equipments
  6. Water quality testing
Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System has the following features:
  1. Capable of conducting DC Electrical Resistivity, Induced Polarisation & Spontaneous Potential data acquisition in normal mode
  2. Capable of conducting Electrical Resistivity Tomography (Imaging). Any survey length can be covered using roll along technique.
  3. Capable of mass data storage in its built in memory
  4. Capable of multiple functions, high accuracy, fast operation, high reliability etc. (It takes only 20 minutes to complete one multi electrode survey (Electrical Resistivity Tomography) with 60 electrodes, 552 data points)
  5. Input Impedance >50 Megha Ohm
  6. Voltage: 900 V (1,800 V Peak to peak) in normal mode and 450V (900V peak to peak) in Imaging mode
  7. Maximum current output 5A in normal mode and 2.5A in Imaging mode
  8. Transmitting Power 4500 Watt
  9. All data acquisition operations are microcomputer controlled and user friendly menu driven
  10. High anti interference performance and precision, integrated with multistage wave filtration and signal enhancement technology
  11. Automatic cancellation of Self Potential, drift and electrode polarization
  12. Can perform with 18 different electrode configurations. However, virtually any electrode configuration can be used.