Naba Raj Shrestha, Managing Director, Three D Consultants (p) Ltd.The main aim of the “Three D Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” is to work for proper organization and channelization of expertise for the development of the Nation. This firm was registered in the office of Company Registrar, Govt. of Nepal on 060/06/09 (26th September, 2003) with the registration No. 25401/060/061, PAN No. 301509570. Mr.Naba Raj Shrestha holds the post of Managing Director of this firm.

Hydro electric projects, large factories and structures, bridges, roads, mining etc are the backbone for the development of any country. Investing on these projects requires detail planning and selection of modern scientific methods to determine factors like location, depth, height, grade of materials for construction etc.

By using modern geological, geophysical and geotechnical methods like Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), 2D Seismics etc.,  we provide various important information at low cost. As the saying goes “Better be safe than sorry”, in infrastructure development, it is not safe unless we are sure. A few days of survey in advance can help a lot in determining various important aspects. We can carry out our geological survey without disturbing any other ongoing work at site. It is also environment friendly with zero emission, zero noise and zero dirt.

Three D Consultants (p) Ltd. was established with the following purpose:

  • Research/Consulting services/Feasibility studies related to Geology and Environment Science
  • Research/Studies/Consulting Services related to Civil, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Communication engineering
  • Water quality, water treatment, water distribution
  • Study/Research/Development/Consulting Services related to Shallow Tube Well, Deep Tube Well and Surface water development
  • Ground Strength for Large constructions like apartment housing
  • Geophysical study related to Hydropower, Landslide and Groundwater development